Barrel Parts

AR-15, M-16 Barrel Parts

AR-15, M-16 Barrel Assembly Parts
Everything from handguards, crush washers, flash hiders, gas tubes, and delta ring assemblies.

A-2 Hand Guards

A-2 Handguards with Heat shields.

CAR Hand guards

CAR Hand guards with Heat shields.

Gas Tube Roll Pin

Gas Tube Roll pin.

Gas Tube, Standard Length

Gas Tube to fit standard 20" rifles.

Gas tube Car Length

Car length Gas tube.

Barrel Snap Ring

Barrel Snap ring.

Weld Spring

Weld spring.

Delta Ring

Delta Ring.

Delta Ring assembly

Delta Ring assembly.

Hand Guard Cap Round A-2

Hand guard cap HBAR Barrel.

Hand Guard Cap Round A-2

Hand guard Cap for the Light weight Barrel.

Hand guard Cap Triangular

Hand guard cap for the triangle style hand guards.

Front Sight post A-2 square

Front Sight Post.

Front sight detent

Front Sight detent.

Front sight detent spring

Front sight detent spring.

Front swivel

Front swivel for slings.

Front Swivel rivet

front swivel rivet.

Barrel Nut

Barrel Nut